Crypdom Exchange is a pure crypto company that offers crypto users a reliable and scalable trading platform designed to accommodate countless cryptocurrencies and the major ones such as bitcoin, ethereum, and USDT. Our trading platform processes transactions at a very minimal fee because Crypdom as a company is not profit-oriented but seeks to use the money from profit realized to provide easy access for humans to basic needs like food, clean water, energy, and medicine using blockchain technology and knowledge.



Crypdom has substance as a project and we are a company with a long-term focus since we believe that the world is gravitating towards the mass adoption of cryptocurrency as the future of finance. Crypdom is a pro-climate change company and an advocate of the Green Trading Planet: working against the destructive activities of humans in order to make the world a better place for humans by using blockchain and technology to proffer solutions to the various problems that humans face. That is why we are recruiting pioneers in every country to join our community and collaborate with us to achieve these goal of solving the problems that humans face and making the world a better place.


C3P is the foundational token and cryptocurrency of Crypdom. Our ICO Wallet allows our investors and users to hold C3P tokens in several amounts in their wallets. C3P token runs on the Tron blockchain and you can buy or trade C3P with Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT. What’s more for you? You can use our wallet to store or save your cryptocurrencies.

We are currently in the second stage of our ICO and we currently have 50 million C3P tokens in circulation. A C3P token goes for sale at a purchase price of 0.045 USDT!

What do we have in store for you?

  1. A total supply of 250 million C3P tokens. Our ICO/IEO stage two features 50 million C3P tokens in circulation at 0.045 USDT each. You can use C3P to trade countless cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum and USDT

  2. A reliable and scalable trading platform where you can easily trade cryptocurrencies without previous experience.

  3. Access to a wallet that you can use to store and hold your cryptocurrencies.

What are you waiting for? Create a C3P ICO wallet now and be part of the Crypdom community. Join us on a journey to stay ahead of this financial solution and use technology and blockchain to proffer solutions to the problems that humans face so that we can make the planet a better place!

 Crypdom Team




From the inception of Crypdom, we have worked hard to do things differently. By providing a secure and safe trading platform that can process up to 1 million transactions per second with minimal trading fees, Crypdom exchange has been able to establish itself as a leading player in the financial revolution of blockchain adoption to solve financial and other problems that humans face.’’

Founder & CEO, Crypdom