“I understand that several big institutions and companies see the problems our planet and nature face and they do not attempt to solve any of those problems. They are rather interested in profits.

As a founder and CEO of Crypdom, I believe in working with our community for nature against the destructions of human by using blockchain, technology and knowledge to restore nature and make the world a better place for all, not for profit but for the greater good of humanity.”

Marco Maruccio
Founder & CEO, Crypdom


Since February 2020, we have seen a steady growth of the blockchain space and most significantly, the cryptocurrency industry. In 2022, the cryptocurrency industry has grown astronomically to over 200 million participants and almost $2 trillion dollars in market capitalization. This growth has made cryptocurrency and crypto exchanges the most engaging conversation in the blockchain space.

Crypdom was started as a means to stay ahead of this financial revolution of blockchain adoption. Crypdom offers transparent and secure transactions – it is the best place for every cryptocurrency trader in the world. Crypdom’s crypto wallet is designed for safe and fast trades of up to 2 million transactions per second, has minimal trading fees as well as a user-friendly interface for the trading platform.

As an update, Crypdom is opening a company in Mauritius and later in 2022, Nigeria. That increases community membership to 6 countries including Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine and Chile.


  • We offer an exchange and trading platform where people can buy and trade countless cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, USDT and C3P (Crypdom’s token)
  • We offer an exchange and trading platform where people can buy and trade cryptocurrencies at very minimal fees (we are not driven by profits)
  • We offer a user-friendly trading platform accessible from mobile and laptop devices as well as up to 10% bonus on referrals for C3P purchase
  • We teach people about blockchain and encourage the adoption of blockhain-based payments for global financial inclusion.


Crypdom understands that as the earth continues to evolve, our planet will face several problems which we have not faced before. Some of those problems revolve around water pollution caused by climate change which reduces access to clean water and affects people’s health; lack of access to financial services and inclusion for billions of people and most importantly lots of harm done to nature by human activities.

This earth is our home and there is no other planet we can go to live in. Crypdom believes in tackling these problems by using technology and knowledge to make the world a better place in the nearest future. Crypdom also believes in supporting our community to make the world a better place. That is why Crypdom recruits pioneers in every country to gather data on the needs of the country so that Crypdom can bring help where it is needed using tech and knowledge.
Crypdom will work with nature against the destruction of humans to make the world a better place for all humans.
Our work is focused along 4 ambitious goals;

  • Perfect trading platform for the general good not for profit making.
  • Providing easy access for humans to basic needs like food, clean water, energy, and medicine using technology and knowledge.
  • Using and encouraging the adoption of blockchain technologies to offer solutions to problems of every country.
  • Reshaping the world and the infrastructure of every city with technology.
  • Using technology to solve health problems for people across the world.
Together, we can achieve these goals, restore nature and make the world a better place for all humans.