Cryptocurrency investment: how to get started?

Cryptocurrency investment: how to get started?

This article will help you understand cryptocurrencies. If you are an altcoin investor (an altcoin is a cryptocurrency other than bitcoin), fundamental analysis will help you choose the altcoins that have long-term potential.
How to invest in and research cryptocurrency, altcoins and bitcoin?

The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin

The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin - a documentary that explores the current state of our economy and the impact a new monetary system like Bitcoin can have on the world. Learn about our economy, the long and short term cycles, inflation and Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Security: 10 Ways To Keep It Safe

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are made possible by a technology called blockchain. Long chains of transactional blocks work just like old Christmas lights: one bad bulb will render the whole chain useless. This simple principle is what makes cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies so secure and useful. But even in this secure system, hackers can find a way to get in and “remove a bulb” without immediately raising alarm.

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