Why Crypto Matters and Why You Have To Purchase C3P Tokens

Why Crypto Matters and Why You Have To Purchase C3P Tokens

Crypto has now become a household term, as compared to 2009 when the first cryptocurrency (bitcoin) was launched and very few people were interested in it. But a decade and a couple of years later, it cannot be denied that crypto is now populat and it is here to stay. But for the sake of beginners who might ask, what is crypto, crypto is a shortened form of the word cryptocurrency and it refers to a digital currency with transactions that are verified and the records maintained by a decentralized system that uses cryptography, rather than a centralized authority.


● Crypto is a digital currency. That means you can actually spend it and use it for purchase or exchange like fiat currencies such as US dollar, British Pounds and German Euro.

● You need a wallet to hold or store your crypto. You can use a cold wallet (offline wallet) or a hot wallet (online wallet) to store your crypto

● There are over 5,000 different cryptocurrencies available.

Why does Crypto Matter?

There are several reasons crypto matter and those reasons make it an advantage over fiat or traditional currencies.

Crypto is an inflation-safe haven. Fiat currencies lose their value a lot of time to Federal Government’s debt. But crypto is released with a fixed amount. As demand increases, its value also increases and this prevents inflation in the long run.

Crypto is decentralised. Cryptocurrency transactions are decentralized, that is they are free from the interference of third-party actors like the governments and financial institutions.

Crypto is the best way to store money. Saving money in banks or through bonds can lead to a decline in the value of the money through inflation.

Having recognized the importance of crypto, we might as well ask: how do I buy crypto and where? The answer is Crypdom Exchange!

Crypdom Exchange offers an exchange and trading platform where people can buy and trade countless cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, USDT and C3P (Crypdom’s token coin) at very minimal fees. Cryrpdom was started as a means to stay ahead of this financial revolution of blockchain adoption. Crypdom offers transparent and secure transactions – it is the best place for every cryptocurrency trader in the world. Crypdom’s crypto wallet is designed for safe and fast trades of up to 2 million transactions per second, has minimal trading fees as well as a user-friendly interface for the trading platform.

What about C3P Tokens?

C3P is the foundational token and cryptocurrency of Crypdom. Our ICO Wallet allows our investors and users to hold C3P tokens in several amounts in their wallets. C3P token runs on the Tron blockchain and you can buy or trade C3P with bitcoin, ethereum and USDT. What’s more for you? You can use our wallet to store or save your cryptocurrencies.

A C3P token goes for sale at a purchase price of 0.045 USDT!

What are you waiting for?

Buy crypto by creating a C3P ICO wallet now and be part of the Crypdom community. You can use our wallet to save your crypto or buy and trade crypto

Use our friendly trading platform accessible from mobile and laptop devices as well as up to 10% bonus on referrals for C3P token purchase

Join us on a journey to stay ahead of this financial solution and use technology and blockchain to proffer solutions to the problems that humans face so that we can make the planet a better place!


Crypdom Team