Crypdom Announces Start of Beta Test

Recent publications from our Content Marketing team at Crypdom has updated everyone on the significant progress we have made so far at Crypdom. However, in yet another giant leap our developer team has finalized everything there is to the platform and we are officially ready to start a beta test for our community.

Beta testing is an opportunity for real users of Crypdom to use  the platform for trading with several pairs of trades in a production environment  so that we can uncover any bugs or issues and resolve them before a general release and official market launch of Crypdom. Beta testing is the final round of testing to be conducted before we officially open the platform for trading. 

More importantly, new tokens and newly added wallets to Crypdom are 

  1. MANA
  2. BNB
  3. BUSD
  4. HEX
  5. CRO
  6. SHIB
  7. THETA
  8. BCH
  9. HUOBI
  10. LEO
  11. PAXG
  12. ZIL
  13. XCN
  14. QNT
  15. PAX
  16. OKB
  17. KCS
  18. FTM
  19. BAT