Crypdom’s C3P Wallet Implementation is a Massive Boost for Crypdom Exchange and the Crypto Industry

Crypdom is a leading company in the crypto space and the blockchain space. Founded in 2020 by Swiss-based investor and entrepreneur

Crypdom seeks to revolutionize the blockchain space and the crypto industry. The Crypdom project works majorly with the Tron blockchain to power the exchange and the C3P token, which is the native cryptocurrency of Crypdom Exchange.

As an update on our work at Crypdom, we are pleased to announce the following updates;

  1. After several months of diligent study of the market and crypto space, the Crypdom development team, in collaboration with the exchange users and C3P coin holders, will begin the next stage of the beta testing of the system. This next testing stage ensures that we provide users and coin holders the best quality experience and performance possible in trading crypto and storing their coins.
  2. After the testing process, minor issues wil be fixed and the administration of Crypdom Exchange will be setup fully. Also, the management of the Crypdom Exchange is working to stabilize the token to 15 cent on the exchange.
  3. After the developers supervise the testing process and resolve all our last fixes in Crypdom Exchange, we will start preparing for the market launch.
  4. And at the market launch, the moment we have been waiting for arrives – the official launch of the exchange platform will be launched!

Crypdom, as a company, has a great vision of using blockchain to simplify payment services worldwide through the exchange, providing a crypto trading platform for several coins. Crypdom also seeks to use blockchain technology to resolve the problems humans and our earth faces, such as water pollution and energy crises. By providing a green-trading platform, Crypdom is establishing itself as a pro-climate Crypto company that is not driven by profit but seeks the betterment of cryptocurrencies/crypto industry, humans, and the earth with itself.


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