Dear stakeholders and C3P holders,

Crypdom was founded with the mission of staying ahead of financial revolution of blockchain adoption. To that end, Crypdom offers an exchange platform that guarantees transparent and secure transactions – it is the best place for every cryptocurrency trader in the world. Crypdom’s crypto wallet is designed for safe and fast trades of up to 2 million transactions per second, has minimal trading fees as well as a user-friendly interface for the trading platform. Also, our ICO Wallet allows our investors and users to hold C3P tokens in several amounts in their wallets. C3P token runs on the Tron blockchain and you can buy or trade C3P with bitcoin, ethereum and USDT.
It is important that we also commend our stakeholders for the support that they have shown to the Cypdom project so far. That support has kept us going. And we would also love to share what we at Crypdom have been up to during the week;

1. We are working on Influencer marketing to get the Crypdom project out there to more people and get more people involved. One of the most recent of such is the YouTube video review of the Crypdom project and the C3P token.

2. All stakeholders have a minimum obligation to support Crypdom and the C3P token sales by following our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Please check out This support involves liking our posts on our social media pages when updates are released and reposting them to help us reach a wider audience.

3. Also, we strongly encourage our stakeholders, users and C3P token holders to join our Telegram community page for updates concerning our work at Crypdom. You can also use your referral link to bring in more crypto users to join our community in Crypdom and get up to 10% income per referral

And as an update on what is going on in the Crypto world, we must note that the Federal Reserve in America raised its benchmark interest rate by three-quarters of a percentage point which represents the biggest hike since 1994. The government keeps printing more money to pay increased debt. And every time we jack up rates, the GDP shrinks and debt keeps smashing private companies. People go bankrupt, fiat currency like dollar, pounds and euros keep losing their purchasing value.
One thing is clear – the Fed cannot hike much more!

And what is the solution to this? Crypto! Crypto is an insurance because it serves as an inflation protection. And that begs the question, what crypto should I buy and how?  The C3P token!
What are you waiting for? Create a C3P ICO wallet now and be part of the Crypdom community. Join us on a journey to stay ahead of this financial solution and use technology and blockchain to proffer solutions to the problems that humans face so that we can make the planet a better place!

Marco Maruccio
Founder & CEO, Crypdom


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