Crypdom Exchange Newsletter June 2022 - Update on Growth and Progress

"Crypdom Exchange is the smartest and safest trading platform to safe your digital assets in our wallet and also trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT at minimal trading fees. We created an easy way to invest in digital-assets that is accessible for beginners because we understand that investing in digital assets or participating in the CeFi & DeFi opportunities is complex and challenging for most people. Users need to know how and where to buy, how to use crypto wallets, decide on allocations, invest and finally ensure they are fully compliant along the way. That is why we started Crypdom — the leading player in the financial revolution of using technology and blockchain to help people for the benefit of earth and humanity."

Dear stakeholders and C3P holders,
Ever since we started Crypdom and shared our goals and vision with our community and people, we have received a lot of support and recommendations. This support grew larger when we started having pioneers in several countries and our community expanded to Germany, Chile, Ukraine and Switzerland. Subsequently, we launched the presale and we are currently in the stage two of our ICO which comes with an offer of a C3P token at a purchase price of 0.045 USDT.

However, we are glad to share our growth and progress with you. We are glad to share the following announcements with you;

1. We have broken all records since the beginning of Crypdom. In May 2022, we had a record-breaking 4,005 unique visits to our website from all over the world. 

2. In May 2022, we organised a referral reward programme in celebration of the bitcoin pizza day which lasted from May 22 to May 28. 10 users with unique affiliate IDs won 10,000 C3P Tokens!

3. In the month of June, all of us at Crypdom are working on keeping you updated with crypto news and helpful tips on how to trade cryptocurrency by sending you weekly newsletter like other crypto exchanges do. Also, we will be optimizing our LinkedIn page and be posting more updates on cryptocurrency price and which cryptocurrencies to trade with C3P.

4. Lastly, don't forget to buy the C3P token at just $0.045. You will have an opportunity to earn by referrals from more sells soon. Also, engage our posts, like them and even repost them on our social media.


Crypdom Team

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