Announcement end of the ICO ONE

After four years of development, we can now announce that we are very excited to bring our project to market. We have completed our trading platform to the point where we are now finalizing the sale of Crypdom tokens in the ICO ONE. We would like to thank everyone who has put their trust in us.

For the early entrants, a payout of 20 000 USDT (571 thousand Cryptom tokens) will now also be equally divided and distributed! These tokens will appear on your ICO wallets by the end of March 2022.

The next phase of our project is now being prepared. It is now the last chance to buy Crypdom tokens at a price of 0.035. The ICO TWO starts at 0.045 cents and is now launching end of March 2022 after that this last Initial Coin Offering we go directly to the IEO for 20 cent each C3P Token.

The Inital Offering ICO TWO is now ready and our exchange will be prepared for the public market. The token price will be quoted at 1 cent more, we can say that 98% of the exchange is working and operational, our developers are ready to launch future developments and our future rollout of the decentralized exchange platform, which also will be available soon!

During the Pre Sale and ICO ONE we sold our early participants at a price of 0.01$- 0.03$ a total of  2.8 million C3P tokens, which was enough to create our exchange CeFi trading platform.

The launch of the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) will be announced soon after ICO TWO is completed on Crypdom and all social media. The quantities of the ICO TWO are 15 Millions for 0.045$ each Token and the IEO are limited to 5 Millions C3P Tokens the price will be set at 0.20 USDT a total of 6 Millions USDT this liquidity will be used by us and made available to the exchange. To all who hold Crypdom tokens will receive a 10% C3P token reward per year directly into their wallets.

The Crypdom Team



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